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Very Nice!!! These are part canvas which makes the price even more fantastic! High quality. These portfolios are also available in solid leatherette. Laserable Leatherette offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a fraction of the price. This richly textured, synthetic material is water resistant, easy to clean and durable enough for the rigors of daily use. The high quality workamnship of each leatherette piece is sure to impress every recipient with its elegant individuality. Available in 7" x 9" and the 9.5" x 12".

Portfolio w/Flap & Notepad Leatherette

PriceFrom $10.50
  • Leatherette products are offered in several different colors and different colors of engraving. Some products are available in all 16 different mixes of colors while some are limited to 6-10. The 16 colors are (Color of Leatherette/Color of Engraving):

    Light Brown/Black, Dark Brown/Black, Black/Gold, Black Silver, Blue/Black, Blue/Silver, Gray/Black, Rawhide/Black, Rose/Black, Red/Black, Pink/Black, Rustic/Gold, Rustic/Silver, Teal/Black, Bamboo/Black, Cork/Black. 

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